Silvertime Clocks Wall Clocks Design wall clock NeXtime 3118zw

(Sold out) Design wall clock NeXtime 3118zw

Design wall clock NeXtime 3118zw

Keep your time under control! You can rely on the NeXtime design clock in neutral, black color at home and in the office. The clock consists of a metal case in which a precise quartz (battery) movement is stored. Thanks to their long hands, the clocks will be readable even further. Dimension hours at 18:00 is 63 cm and the minute hand is 35 cm. Wall clock with a fresh design is enough to hang on the wall and what you create a dial for hours will be on your imagination.

Karlsson - a guarantee of quality, original design and quality workmanship. This Dutch company brings hours of different shapes, colors and materials to your homes as well as materials that will tastefully revive your interior.

  • clock Karlsson
  • hour clock with hands
  • quartz movement
  • black colour
  • material: metal length large hands: 35 cm
  • dimension hours at 18:00: 63 cm
  • case diameter: 8.5 cm

TIP:   Are not you sure you choose the right wall clocks for home, office or for your loved ones? I have prepared a few tips for you to choose the clock .